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A fully grown Forest Garden.

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UnFootprint is there for any company that is (or will be) a climate-responsible business.


Build lasting relationships with your customers and get started today, right from your browser or phone. Create widgets and easily showcase your sustainable impact.


Expand CSR strategy to Climate Responsible Business. Go for credible marketing with honest direction. Integrate policy into your business process, with our custom links.

Service provider

Donate trees on behalf of your client per new order, quote or declared work week. Let your customers save trees so they choose you time and time again. Use QR codes to display donation information on print materials and show up-to-date statistics on your website.

(Web) store

Encourage sustainable choices or let customers save points to plant trees. Take advantage of our plugins to automatically have trees planted and sustainability data displayed and use sustainable gift cards, widgets, QR codes and more.

Tools for sustainable success

We face a huge challenge to make our society sustainable. At the same time, we have an economy with tremendous clout that we can put to good use. In our view, green businesses are necessary to offer useful products or services to society.

We help green companies differentiate themselves on sustainability so they can compete with gray (unsustainable) competitors. That’s why we offer numerous tools, such as widgets customized to your corporate identity that update in real time.

unFootprint widgets

Climate Responsible Business

Sustainability begins with reducing your (in)direct impact on the climate. Planting trees complements any serious sustainability strategy. This is how you use the clout of your organization to make positive impact, with an honest story. With unFootprint you have the trees planted and describe the steps on the other axes.

Read our vision for Climate Responsible Business
The three axes of climate responsibility for businesses: making positive impact, reduce carbon emissions and making useful products.

Integrated into your business software

UnFootprint integrates seamlessly with your business software so that donating trees becomes part of business operations while creating the optimal customer experience. For example, we have a direct link to WordPress and Woocommerce. Through our Zapier connection, you link unFootprint to 6400+ systems, including Office 365, Magento, Mollie, Shopify, Google Forms and more. Or link with our modern GraphQL API. A custom connection is also possible.

unFootprint API

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Sustainable portal shows what the trees were planted for.

Have trees planted
Easily have trees planted through the unFootprint portal and inform your customers about it through e-cards.

Connect your website
Link your website so you can display up-to-date statistics and automatically donate trees. Create widgets or show current figures directly.

And much more
Update your sustainable profile page, download certificates, view plant history and more.

unFootprint portal

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations has set 17 sustainable development goals for the world by 2030. With every tree you have planted by Trees for the Future, you contribute to 9 of these goals!

Sustainable Development Goals

I enjoy helping clients with their office design and always try to do so in the most sustainable way possible. A sit-stand desk is ideal for a good working environment, but all the transportation involved is actually bad for the environment. Planting trees reabsorbs some of the greenhouse gases. Office design the green way!

– Michael Voeten –

Michael Voeten

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