Plant trees through your software

Are you developing software or a SaaS solution? Integrate tree planting through the unFootprint API.

Get trees planted with your software

Our mission is to enable your software to plant trees when you want. Encourage sustainable choices and improve customer loyalty with our loyalty point system or e-cards. All functionality of unFootprint integrates seamlessly into your software thanks to our modern GraphQL API.

We believe that software can help users become more sustainable by providing transparency, optimizing processes and encouraging sustainable choices. We help you make a positive impact by planting trees with your software. Differentiate yourself from unsustainable competitors through the unFootprint API.

unFootprint API

Link to the unFootprint API

Choose what trees are planted for

Reward behavior

Have a tree planted for every sustainable choice the user makes. Thus, you give the user an additional reason to make their behavior sustainable.

New user

Encourage users to register and become customers.

Loyalty points

Customers can earn points through the unFootprint API. Set how many points a tree scores.

Relevant services

Use the following services to make sustainable impact.

Donate trees

Trees not only absorb CO2, they have numerous other benefits. They provide biodiversity, shade, food and economic development. Everyone knows the positive effects of trees. Therefore, trees are a valuable gift to donate on behalf of clients.

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Show impact

Too often still, the impact you make is hidden in an annual CSR report or a non-current sustainability page. However, consumers want to be able to see at a glance what you have accomplished on the page where they make the purchase decision. That’s why unFootprint has developed widgets and badges that you can add to your site where you think it’s important. Are you ordering new trees? Then the widgets are automatically updated.

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Send e-cards

Increasingly, you see the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable project for an additional cost. It costs the customer money, but then he has no idea what happens to it. E-cards solve that problem. If you provide a name and email address when ordering, an email will automatically be sent to the customer with all the information about the planted trees. In addition, it is a positive contact moment with the customer.

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Gift Cards

Many companies want to give customers or employees a physical business gift or tangible tree planting certificate. UnFootprint meets this need with eco-friendly alternatives to regular corporate gifts.

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Loyalty points

Loyalty points are an ideal tool for keeping your customers engaged with your organization. But what are you getting your customers to save for? With unFootprint loyalty points, your customers can save for trees planted on their behalf.

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Automation makes it possible to have trees planted without any manual intervention from your end. It is possible to link unFootprint to almost any business software. UnFootprint can assist in this as well.

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