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Frequently Asked Questions

View our answers to frequently asked questions about participation here.

Intake and participation

In the intake we will answer any questions you may have. There is room for a demo and advice on how best to deploy unFootprint. In addition, we look to see if there are any features missing that will make your experience better, so we can address that.

If there are questions on our end about whether your company fits with unFootprint, we will ask them as well. At the end of the session, we determine together whether we will start the collaboration permanently.

Most clients prefer to have the intake digitally. Through our scheduling tool the intake can be scheduled at a time that suits you. It is also possible for us, by arrangement, to visit your location.

Absolutely not. In the intake, we determine together if we are going to work together.

We are here for all companies that are climate-responsible or transforming themselves into climate-responsible businesses. Companies that do not make essential products with high CO2 emissions and also do not have a concrete ambition to make the transition do not fit well with our vision and services designed accordingly. As a result, participation can lead to greenwashing.

Greenwashing adversely affects both the climate (by causing people to make less sustainable choices) and the company (which may receive negative publicity). Therefore, we make every effort not to facilitate greenwashing. If we have the impression that our product will be used for greenwashing despite our advice, we will not enter into a partnership. However, it is possible to donate trees through unFootprint in that case, as long as it is not used in

For companies that cannot become partners, it is possible to donate trees anonymously. In doing so, we make agreements, such as that these donations may not be used in marketing communications.

Subscription and billing

The subscription starts at the start of the new month.

For each

UnFootprint is there for any company that is (or will be) a climate-responsible business.


Build lasting relationships with your customers and get started today, right from your browser or phone. Create widgets and easily showcase your sustainable impact.


Expand CSR strategy to Climate Responsible Business. Go for credible marketing with honest direction. Integrate policy into your business process, with our custom links.

Service provider

Donate trees on behalf of your client per new order, quote or declared work week. Let your customers save trees so they choose you time and time again. Use QR codes to display donation information on print materials and show up-to-date statistics on your website.

(Web) store

Encourage sustainable choices or let customers save points to plant trees. Take advantage of our plugins to automatically have trees planted and sustainability data displayed and use sustainable gift cards, widgets, QR codes and more.

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