Gift Cards

Give a gift card or corporate gift to your customer. This contains a QR code with more information about the donated tree/trees.


Many companies want to give customers or employees a physical business gift or tangible tree planting certificate. UnFootprint meets this need with eco-friendly alternatives to regular corporate gifts.


The products are 100% made from paper made from agricultural waste. No trees were cut down for it. No plastic is used. The products have a natural appearance.


We choose the right type and size depending on the occasion.

Gift Card

A customized gift card that shows how many trees were planted for it. Each card contains a unique QR code.

Gift card hair salon


A gift card in the form of a certificate. The front contains the certificate; the back has space for a company message.

Sustainable Certificate example

3D Folding Map

This card can be transformed into a 3D tree with your logo, texts and customized to your corporate identity. A durable eye-catcher!

3D Folding Card

Tailor-made solutions

We are happy to think with you and can customize the design and format to fit your corporate identity and needs.

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