Donate trees

Have trees planted for every order, new customer or assignment.


Trees not only absorb CO2; they also provide numerous other benefits, such as promoting biodiversity, providing shade, food and economic development. The positive effects of trees are well known. Therefore, planting trees is a valuable way to offer sustainability to customers.


Through unFootprint, customers can order trees on behalf of their customers in just a few clicks. UnFootprint gets tree planting organizations to plant these trees.

Single order

Indicate how many trees should be planted, for whom and whether they should receive an e-card. The rest is taken care of for you!

Quick entry

Order trees for multiple customers at the same time in one step.

Import orders

From your shop, export the orders and import them. UnFootprint has the trees planted and sends an e-card to each customer to track the trees.


The functionality of unFootprint can be invoked by your system to order trees at any time.

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