Send e-cards

Send automated e-cards to your customers to inform them of the trees you have had planted on their behalf.


Increasingly, you see the option of making your ordercarbon neutral for an additional cost. It costs money, but then as a customer you have no idea what happens to it. E-cards solve that problem. If you provide a name and email address when ordering, an email will automatically be sent to the customer with all the information about the planted trees. In addition, it is an ideal positive contact moment with the customer.

How does it work?

Compose the email

Compose the sustainable e-card

In the customer portal, you can format the e-mail to your liking. That’s how you make it your own story. You can also set the e-mail address from which the e-mail will be sent.

Order the trees

Send the sustainable e-card

When ordering, provide the customer’s name and email address. The email will now be sent automatically!

Personalize each card

Personalize when ordering

Personalize the sustainable e-card

In the settings, you can set a default message (for example, “Thank you for your order”). If you order trees, you can make this a personal message (for example, “Enjoy your new curtains, delivery has just been initiated.”).


Personal message in e-card

The personalized message is displayed both in the e-mail and on a digital 3D map in the link that the customer can open from the e-mail.


Emails sent are not saved. The email address is automatically removed from unFootprint after two weeks. The e-mail addresses will not be used for any purpose other than sending the e-mail once.

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