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Use our widgets, badges and API to showcase your positive impact on your website.


Too often still, the impact you make is hidden in an annual CSR report or a non-current sustainability page. However, consumers want to be able to see at a glance what you have accomplished on the page where they make the purchase decision. That’s why unFootprint has developed widgets and badges that you can add to your site where you think it’s important. Are you ordering new trees? Then the widgets are automatically updated.

Customize widgets based on your branding

Place the widgets where you want

Widget on customer's page

Compatible with

The widgets are compatible with all major website platforms.









How does it work?

Step 1: Compose widget

Choose the color scheme, widget type and options in the customer portal. Click on the widget of your choice to copy the widget’s code.

Step 2: Paste the code

Go to your website and edit the page where you want to display the widget. Paste the copied code into an HTML block in the desired location.

WordPress integration

Are you using WordPress with Elementor? Use our WordPress plugin to create and customize widgets right from Elementor!

Create unFootprint widgets right within Elementor


It is also possible to customize the colors, fonts and design to your liking. This way, the widget matches the design of your website. It is also possible to show just the numbers (without styling). This allows you to indicate in a text “We have already planted 240 trees,” with 240 automatically updated as you have new trees planted.

It is also possible to filter the widget by a customer’s trees. If your customer can log in to your site, you can so easily show how many trees have been planted on the customer’s behalf.

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