Sustainable loyalty points

Let your customers earn points to have trees planted. UnFootprint keeps the records and makes sure the trees are planted.


Loyalty points are an ideal tool for keeping your customers engaged with your organization. But what are you getting your customers to save for? With unFootprint loyalty points, your customers save for trees planted on their behalf. The loyalty point system is built directly into our WooCommerce plugin, but can also be used outside of it.

unFootprint WordPress plugin - Loyalty settings

Let customers earn points automatically

Through our WordPress plugin, customers earn points per euro, pound or dollar spent. You set how many points customers need to donate a tree. The tree is automatically donated when that level is reached. Loyalty points are automatically awarded based on the customer’s email address, allowing the customer to continue saving on repeat orders. The number of trees planted and their estimated CO2 impact can be shown per customer.

No need to worry about administration

Wordpress unFootprint Loyalty

We keep track of loyalty points for each customer and display the information in your dashboard and with each order. No personal data is stored, making our system 100% GDPR compliant.

Earning points without WooCommerce?

Registration of loyalty points and retrieval of the loyalty points card is also possible through a technical link. Thus, the loyalty points program can be built into any system. We can assist with that. Want to manually award loyalty points to customers? If so, we will add this functionality to our portal. Get in touch and we’ll help you out.

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