Link your WordPress website to unFootprint and start donating trees from your website. Show your impact to visitors.


More and more business owners are feeling the moral ambition to be climate responsible. UnFootprint allows you to run that gauntlet with your customer, and integrates seamlessly with your website to share the results. Differentiate yourself from unsustainable competition and automatically donate trees. Whether you have a simple corporate website or an elaborate WooCommerce webshop, inspire your customer and get started!

unFootprint WordPress Plugin - Dashboard

Make impact with your WordPress website

Integrates seamlessly with your website

Any pagebuilder

Whether you use Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen or GeneratePress, unFootprint supports every page builder.

Any theme

We are compatible with Divi, Astra, Hello Elementor, OceanWP and any other theme.


Are you using WooCommerce or Elementor? Our plugin ensures optimal integration.

Compatible with any version



Tested up to 6.4.3



Tested up to 8.5.0



Tested up to 8.2.9



Tested up to 3.18.3

What is possible?

Through unFootprint, customers can order trees on behalf of their customers in just a few clicks. UnFootprint works with tree planting organizations to plant these trees.

Donate trees per order

Donate trees per order with the unFootprint WordPress plugin

Doneer bomen per bestelling of per verkocht product. The donation is made automatically after the customer pays or when the order is completed. This functionality requires the WooCommerce plugin.

Stay up-to-date

Automatically receive the latest statistics

We update your statistics in the background. Do you donate new trees? Then within 10 minutes they will be included in your statistics.

Display widgets via Elementor

Display sustainable widgets with the unFootprint Elementor plugin

Are you using the Elementor page builder? Then create your own sustainable widgets directly from Elementor.

Customize the widget

Create unFootprint widgets right within Elementor

The widgets can be easily customized to match your corporate identity.

Widgets without Elementor

Generate the widgets from within our portal.

Don’t use Elementor? No problem! Compile our widgets from our customer portal and paste them into your website.

Show statistic

Show statistics with unFootprint Plugin Shortcodes

Use our 11 shortcodes to display all kinds of sustainable statistics on your site, wherever you want This is how you transform your sustainability page into an up-to-date dashboard of your sustainability performance.

Let customers earn points

Let customers earn points to plant trees through the unFootprint WooCommerce plugin.

Every euro / dollar / pound spent earns a loyalty point. Set the number of points at which a tree is planted and we’ll do the rest!

Create a sustainability corner

Donate trees for a specific WooCommerce category

Encourage sales of your most sustainable products or encourage sales of refurbished or second-hand products. Create a category and specify how many trees will be planted for that category per product.

Highlights sustainable products

Donate trees per product tag - unFootprint WordPress plugin

For each tag, indicate the number of trees to be planted for it. This way, for example, you can boost your sales of the most sustainable product line. Give each product the right tag and unFootprint takes care of the rest.

Order bumps

Donate trees per product

Want to give customers the option to donate an additional tree during checkout? Then create a tree as a separate product, and set the number of trees to be donated to 1. Set the product as a checkout item in your theme’s settings.

Impact on product page

Show trees to be planted per product purchase

Show how many trees will be planted on the product page. Easily customize the text, location and design in the plugin’s settings.

Optimize shopping cart

Show trees to be planted in basket

Display the total number of trees to be donated when the customer opens their shopping cart, or display the total number of trees to be planted during checkout.

View impact orders

Donate trees per order via WordPress plugin

View the number of donated trees per order, easily on the WooCommerce Orders page.

Cancel donations on return

unFootprint cancels donations from returned orders

Does a user return the order? Then the donation will automatically be undone.

How do you install WordPress plugins?

The plugins are only available to unFootprint customers. The plugin can be downloaded from our customer portal.

Download the unFootprint plugins through the customer portal

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